Costa Calida Murcia

Costa Calida Murcia

The Costa Calida warm Coast, is the mediterranean coastline of the province of Murcia. The region has a micro climate delivering a mediterranean semi-arid climate producing an average annual temperature of 18 C with hot summers registering maximum temperatures of 40 C and mild winters offering an average temperature of 11 C during December and January. The number of days per year with clear skies is 120-150, with approximately 2,800 sun-hours per annum.

In general rain is scarce throughout the region with 300-350 mm per year, but this mainly falls around the spring and autumn periods, leaving the summer months an eminently dry season. On the coast temperatures tend never to fall below 10 C.

Murcia is a somewhat sleepier quieter region than its larger northern Valencian neighbour, Costa Blanca. Selecting the right area to purchase your property is an essential element to successfully settling and integrating into Spanish lifestyle. Murcia offers a sleepier, slower Spanish pace of living, but also offers a diverse selection of properties to suit all budgets and expectations.

Average Temperature – Murcia Region (°C)

Month  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Spain 7 7 11 13 16 22 24 24 20 16 10 7
Murcia 11 11 15 17 20 25 27 28 24 20 14 11

Average Rainfall – Murcia Region (mm)

Month  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Spain 50 48 55 44 47 13 8 18 39 78 60 55
Murcia 18 24 22 44 29 9 0 7 21 24 38 45

Murcia has just over 250km of coastline with a combination of coves, small beaches, rocky shores and cliffs. La Manga, a 22km by 100m coastal strip of land virtually closes off the Mar Menor lagoon from the Mediterranean. The Mar Menor, (Little Sea) is Europe’s largest salt water lagoon and a haven for water sports boosting an area of around 170km2. The deepest point is 7m and without a tide or large waves, this provides the perfect surroundings for all ages and abilities.